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OCs. References under their names.

Drawn by Sasoragon
Fun fact, you guys can draw any of these OCs whenever you like as long as you credit me for the characters and it's not hate art. Post it on sites if you think they've got bad designs but just no hate art of them. Oh and no drawing them in relationships outside the ships they already have. So yeah, have fun. I'd love to get gift art if you think they're good enough xD

Fursonas/Furry OCs

Eliana (Dog anthro) [Female]

Feather Brain
(Adopted from Adopt-Monstar)

Needs reference sheet


(All animal icons done by Shlimaz.
Trixn [Male]
(Adopted from Tockien)


Eliana [Female]
(Adopted from rainyfurz)


Splosh [Female]
(Adopted from FRUlT)


Galmut [Male]
(Adopted from ueb)

Nezellai [Female]
(Adopted from Jackaloaf)


PlushSpeakerDog [Plush toy]
(Adopted from lattees)

Needs reference sheet


Vulcrum (Slenderman inspired creature) [Male] (From Eckatzl)
Reference sheet in progress

Xarak Za-rack (Jeepers Creepers inspired) [Male] (From Eckatzl)
Reference sheet in progress

Topaz (Jelly/waterbodied creature) [Female] (From Eckatzl)
Reference sheet in progress

Tiki (Faun) [Female] (From Aoxis)
Needs reference sheet

Marroo (Skin taker) [Female] (From Eckatzl)
Needs reference sheet

Human OCs

Bone Digger [Male] (From MinteaLeaf)
Needs reference sheet

Aralyn [Female]
Needs reference sheet

Niabell [Female] (From Manic-Bunny)
Needs reference sheet

Ponies (MLP)

Inky Commission by FriendlyFireFox
Inky Drifter [Male, pegasus]
Cutie Ref:

Wisteria Wisp (Commission) by FriendlyFireFox
Wisteria Wisp [Female, pegasus] (From Blood-Of-Severity)

Shutterbug Commission by FriendlyFireFox
Shutterbug [Female, earth pony] (From lattees)

Busy Bookmark [Male, unicorn]

I'll probably add links to the references of these when I get the references for them done. If anyone's up for drawing me a reference I'll gladly commission you, as long as I think you'll be able to pull it off of course, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask anyway! Who knows, you might not think that you'd be good enough to draw them but maybe I'll think you're perfect for the job!
Anyway so yeah. OCs.


Inky Drifter x Tangle Thorn (Ponns)

Shutterbug x Aerostar (MistressElfy)

Busy Bookmark x Quill Quiver (Ponns)

Bone Digger x Aralyn

Feather Brain x Pawns (Ponns)

If you guys feel like shipping your OCs with one of my OCs feel free to ask. I've got loads on offer.


About Me

Drawn by BROOKSlE
Fan-made Wisteria-Wisp MLP stylish badge by PPLyraFan-made Inky-Drifter MLP stylish badge by PPLyraFan-made Shutterbug MLP stylish badge by PPLyra
Stylish badges by PPLyra

Despite popular belief, I am a MALE. Just saying.
And if I've commissioned you, it would be nice if you told me when you had finished it. Sometimes I miss them in my messages.

Squee-no: (Noun) A random Australian kid that commissions a lot of people so the huge amounts of adopts he gets and OCs he has actually get used seeing as he doesn't believe his art skill is good enough to draw them himself. Is also a large believer in the fact that every good OC deserves porn of it.
Name is Jeremy. I've been told that I'm a butt. Multiple times.

Likes: Gingers, girls in stockings, girls in kneehighs, butts, complaining, League of Legumes, Hearthstoned, not having a good computer, forcing my OCs into awkward situations, not going outside, playing games, Attack on Titan, plants, aminals, trying to find games that work on my terrible laptop, cheering people up, other things that I can't remember.

Dislikes: Disappointing people, not having a working amazing computer, also I'm sure there's things that can go here but I can't remember them.

Personality: Shellfish, nice, boring at times, attempts to be funny and fails horribly, very enclosed, really self conscious, part raptor.

Friends and Features


Nobody at the moment, seriously. Should totally inquire about it or something.

Friends (in no order)
These also would go into admired but I don't feel like filling that up as well:


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5:57 pm
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A-Psycho-Banana Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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thank you so much for the watch! ;v;
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0theghost0 Jan 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Holy crap! Thanks for the points! I had no idea, for some reason DA didn't tell me you had given me any! Danke, danke, danke!!!!
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FNX for the +WTCH!!
favouritefi Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
tv boy is finished!~ I wasn't 100% sure about what you meant in terms of colouring so please feel free to correct me >o<
IronicaIIy Oct 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
*accidentally ships it*
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Random request: can I make use of your OC (Inky Drifter… in a fanfic I'm writing? It'll be a smaller role, but I really like the design.
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donnapu Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a bunch for the +watch!
I really appreciate it! :heart:
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Piko-ka Sep 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm still waiting. Don't ignore my note please.
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